Project Description

Switch panels

Categorie: Cooling equipments

Important features

  • Durable enclosure of the panel made by Rittal
  • Components are mainly Schneider Electric
  • Leaves the factory thoroughly tested

The switch panel is the essential link between the controller and the installed hardware and incorporates all switches and protections for a safe operation of the installation.

The engineers working for Allround storage have already more than 30 years’ experience in developing switch panels in the agricultural storage business.
Before leaving the factory, the panels are thoroughly tested in a situation where a storage situation is simulated, so we know everything is working well.

Standard features

  • Main switch
  • Motor gearbox hatch control Open-0 -Close-Automatic Switch
  • Individual selection Switch Hand-0-Automatic operation
  • Failure indication and operation lights
  • Thermal overload protections
  • The required wiring with 50% overcapacity
  • IP 55 sheet steel enclosure

Optional features

  • Automatic star/double star starters or frequency controllers
  • Electronic capacity controller for the compressor
  • Phase and overload protection
  • Stainless steel enclosure

As proven in history, in many cases additional equipment will be installed over time. For this reason we calculate from the beginning minimal 30% free space so additional elements can be built in without any problem